Spotting Autumn 2020 fashion trends

Date: 01/09/2020

We’re only a few short weeks away from the seasons changing yet again, and that has led to us thinking ahead to autumn fashion trends. Here in the UK, our rather cool and damp climate means that the return of tights, knitwear and trousers is an inevitability when autumn arrives – that’s if the summer has been hot and dry enough to ever really pack them away!

But what makes fashion rather fun to play with is that, despite the fact that every season there is the inevitable shift to warmer/cooler/longer/shorter/brighter/darker clothing, every year the trends affecting the subtleties will change. That means we see new lines, styles, colours and accessories to make that new season a totally new and exciting adventure. So, in the case of autumn, we always see the return of those aforementioned trousers, long sleeves, tights, boots and scarves. There are also some colours that endure year after year, with navy, burgundy and tweed green all perfectly suited to the autumnal backdrop of the fallen leaves and earthy ploughed brown fields. But what else should we be on the hunt for this year?

The tastemakers and fashion editors who keep a beady eye on all this stuff for a living have some predictions for us for fall 2020. They forecast that we’re set to pair all different shades of blue (so navy, petrol, baby, royal…) with natural tones such as mossy greens, deep, reddish browns and paler yellows. The deep ochre and gold tones that have endured the past few autumns will be back once again, good news for those who love to carry some bright colours into the cooler months of the year!

What’s really exciting for country and rural trend lovers (us included of course!) is that the mainstream fashion trend for tweed, houndstooth, long boots and shearling remains for this autumn. Plus, nods to wildlife and country sports, such as faux (or real if you prefer) fur, feather pins and brooches and hide are all still ticking those fashion boxes. That means your much-loved Hayfield fedora and feathers will see you comfortably from country adventures to city breaks and autumn weddings! Our wide range of fedora colours includes those all-important natural shades and both navy and baby blue options. We can then accessorise them with iridescent feather wraps or pins and ribbon in any colour you like… Perfect for ensuring you’re flying the fashion flag this autumn!

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