Shop small with Hayfield England this Christmas

Date: 29/11/2021

I can’t quite believe that we’re already nearing the end of November and that Christmas is just over a month away. It has been so amazing to be able to go to events, see friends and family and enjoy something close to normality over the last 6 months but that has meant the festive season has snuck up on me a little bit! Luckily, I have had the time to get in the studio and have been working hard to create plenty of feathers for hats and pins. I’m pleased to report that there are more than enough for everyone who wants to snap them up for a Christmas present.

I know that when I put together my Christmas wish list to send to my friends and loved ones and when I (finally!) start my own festive shopping, it will be with a focus on small businesses. It’s all too easy to log onto the website of a well-known big brand and fill up your basket with presents, but the benefits of shopping small mean it’s worth making the effort. Small businesses help to create local jobs and that means they are putting money back into local communities. Small businesses will typically pay a truly representative tax bill, which helps the country to run as it should, rather than the Amazons of this world who don’t seem to pay very much tax at all…

Every purchase you make from a small business really does make the owner and workers there do a happy little dance of joy! You’re more likely to get exceptional, personal customer service from a small business versus the anonymous ordering and delivery process you get from a big brand. If you have any questions about colours, sizes and bespoke options, you can get in touch with a small business owner and get an answer before you place your order. That’s got to be so much better than buying multiple sizes or colours of an item only to send all but one back…

If you’re sticking with small brands this Christmas, please do take a good look around the Hayfield shop. My feather pins make a fabulous gift for a stylish country lady, and they come in a beautiful, branded gift box making them even more special. There are some stunning combinations of game bird and other decorative feathers to choose from. I can also undertake bespoke commissions for feather pins and hats if you’re after a totally unique present (though I would recommend getting in touch as soon as possible for those), and there’s so much more to choose from! As well as the feathers and hats we also have luxurious silk scrunchies in 21 colours (which also come gift boxed!), silk pillowcases, baubles, cufflinks, candles and more. If you have any questions or would like to pick my brains about a fedora and feather combination, just drop me a line or send a DM on social media.

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