A bespoke creation…

Date: 21/05/2020

Last time I wrote a blog we were just two weeks into the lockdown! Of course, we’re now starting to see some slight easing of the restrictions, but life is still very different to what I had imagined when I planned my 2020! One positive outcome of the coronavirus outbreak is that I’ve had time to really connect with my followers and fans on social media. I’ve also been working with some of my customers to create exciting new bespoke feathers for them and sharing images of past designs.

I thought that for my May blog I would take you through how getting a bespoke feather pin design works. It might even inspire you to start dreaming up your very own design ready for a 2021 wedding or day at the races! I’m sure there will be some pretty wild outings once we’re allowed out to play again…

So, what’s the difference between bespoke and off-the-peg? Off-the-peg refers to my much-loved feather pin designs and fedora and pin combinations that you can find on my website. I love making these for my customers and am always proud to see them being worn to country events up and down the country.

Bespoke designs are where I work closely with an individual customer to create a feather pin design (sometimes with a unique accessorised hat too) that’s totally unique to them. An accessory, such as a feather pin or a hat or used as a lapel pin, draws an outfit together beautifully. We can use colours in the feathers and other decorations to match and complement the shades in the rest of your outfit. I’ll chat to the customer to get an idea of their personality and them create the perfect feather pin to suit them. Bright and bold or subtle and chic; whatever makes them feel happy and confident when they step outside, that’s what I’ll make! I use myriad different feathers, fur pompoms, Swarovski crystals, ribbon and more to pull together a bespoke design.

It’s not only the hat and feathers that are unique each time I make a bespoke design, the commission process can be quite diverse too! That’s because the inspiration and level of involvement really depends on the customer. Some people have spent hours putting together mood boards of the colours and textures they would like to include and have a clear vision of the final design. Other customers know the feathers and colours they like but prefer to hand everything else over to me. Sometimes I get sent images of their favourite Hayfield feather designs that they would like to blend together or just their outfit to then get creative with.

So, if you’re on the hunt for beautiful country-inspired accessories so that you can step out in style once our social lives restart, why not drop me a line? We can find out what sort of feather pin you’re after and start getting creative during lockdown! Click here to see my bespoke designs page.

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